Hi, I am wondering how can I register for your gym and training sessions? Can I do it on this website or do I have to visit your place personally? 


Hello, thank you for the interest in our gym. Yes, you may do it on our website and you can register just by sending us a message. We will ask a few questions that are needed for the information. Or if you want, just go to the ‘registration’ section on this website and follow the instructions given to fully register to our gym. 


Can I visit your gym anytime to tour around or just check out the whole place? Do I need to message you beforehand or ask for a schedule and appointed visit? 


Yes, you can visit us at our gym and the staff will gladly accompany you and tour you around the whole place. And no, you don’t need to message us just to ask for a scheduled visit. We are more than ready to accompany you anytime. Just please make sure to visit us the day and time we are open. 


Is Iron Body Studio open even on Saturdays and Sundays? From and until what time are you open? 


Yes, Iron Body Studio is open even on Saturdays and Sundays except on announced holidays. We are open from 6 AM to 9 PM every Monday to Sunday. 


Hi, I always wanted to visit your place and register personally. Can I go to your gym and make my registration there? 


Hello, thank you for thinking about visiting us and registering for our gym. Yes, you may visit us anytime and register personally. We are always open and free to talk to clients anytime so please don’t hesitate to drop by. We’ll make sure to anticipate your visit at the Iron Body Studio in the future!