About Us

Iron Body Nutrition

Nutrition and a healthy diet are an extremely important part of achieving one’s weight loss and fitness goals. In addition, it’s important to follow a nutrition program and healthy eating habits that become your lifestyle and that are realistically sustainable long-term. It doesn’t matter if you’re exercising 7 days a week, if you are eating heavily processed, fatty foods, without balance and variety, then you will not achieve your fitness and weight loss goals.

Iron Body Studios’ nutritional philosophy is to eat REAL foods, whole, raw and organic and not to invest in quick diet fixes, fad diets or excessive supplements. For example, when you invest in a meal-replacement shake or supplement, you are investing in having to drink this meal-replacement shake or supplement for the rest of your life. Is this something that you want to have to purchase forever? Or would you rather learn how to incorporate a healthy, balanced, nutritional lifestyle with REAL food as your diet regimen?

Iron Body Studios focuses on Holistic Nutrition and Intuitive Eating. By Holistic, we mean looking at your life as a whole from stress levels, sleep, circadian rhythms and your exercise routine, in order to determine where your nutritional weak links are. In addition, with Intuitive Eating, we coach each of our clients to start to listen to what their bodies need for nutrients – eat to train and train to eat; as you are not only eating to train for your daily exercise, but you are eating to train for day-to-day activities in life.

With these two main principles, we also coach the 90/10 or 80/20 rule, which is, as long as 80-90% of the time you are eating “clean” and listening to what your body needs for fuel, then 10-20% of the time, it’s OK to treat yourself.

We work with each of our clients to assess where their nutritional weak links are, and to help to improve these areas by implementing small, manageable changes for sustainable results.