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StrongFirst Kettlebell User Course September 11, 2016 at Iron Body Studios


Iron  Body  Studios  presents  a  StrongFirst  Kettlebell  User  Course  taught  by  Iron Body Studios Co-Owner, SFG  Team  Leader,  and  Iron  Maiden  Artemis  Scantalides.

Artemis  will  teach  the  fundamental  kettlebell  movements.   

  • Dead-lift 
  • Two  Handed  Swing 
  • Turkish  Get  Up 
  • Military  Press 
  • Single  Leg  Dead-lift 

NOTE: Although the single kettlebell clean is not part of the SFG User Course Curriculum, Artemis will also cover the single kettlebell clean as it pertains to a strong and successful military press.

She  will  also  cover  diaphragmatic  breathing  as  it  relates  to  these  kettlebell  movements,  as  well  as  programming  and  two  key  principles  of  programming:   

  • Continuity  of  the  training  process 
  • Waving  the  loads 

A  $250  scholarship  toward  the  SFG  Level  I  is  awarded  to  those  who  attend  this  course  and  sign-up  within  90  days  for  any  SFG  Level  I. 

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