Other Services

Other Services

Personal Training (Onsite)

Take your fitness or progress your existing training program to another level with:

- One-on-One Personal Training

- Small Group (four person maximum) Personal Training

Online Personal Training

      - Individualized, One-on-One, Online Personal Training with Artemis or Eric

      - Non-Individualized, Group, Online Personal Training with Artemis and Eric

In our personal training sessions you will receive a specialized training program tailored specifically to your needs. One-on-one personal training is appropriate for clients who are getting back to training post injury, post rehabilitation or for clients who need 3 months of 1/1 coaching before transitioning into classes or small group training. Otherwise our group classes and small group training both follow a program and will help you to achieve your strength and fitness goals.

Before you begin your personal training with either Artemis or Eric, they will review your Personal Fitness Profile and put you through a movement assessment. Based upon your Personal Fitness Profile and the movement assessment, Artemis and Eric will tailor a training program specific to your fitness needs and goals.

Nutritional Coaching Packages & Pricing

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