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Team Training Descriptions


Iron Body Conditioning

Iron Body Conditioning combines both strength and cardio into one challenging, fat burning, workout and maximizes the participant’s caloric expenditure and results.  Iron Body Conditioning training sessions are a fast paced, fat burning, high intensity power endurance workout that combines both “grinds", which are strength movements like a Dead-Lift or a Press, and "ballistics", which are explosive power endurance movements like the Kettlebell Swing.  The combination of body weight, endurance, and strength training provide maximum results.

Iron Body Basics

All participants (regardless of past kettlebell training experience) are REQUIRED to attend a Iron Body Basics prior to registering for Iron Body Conditioning and Iron Body MetCon. Iron Body Basics are held Saturdays at 10:30am. Please vitsit our current schedule HERE to sign up for your Iron Body Basics with Iron Body Studios.

In the Iron Body Basics we go through a brief introduction about the Russian Hardstyle Kettlebell Training. Then we start with a mobility warm up and go through a 30 min beginner level workout.  Wear comfortable clothes to workout in and bring a water bottle.  As for shoes, Kettlebell Training is a "barefoot" workout so we require that people train barefoot (or in socks if it is cold).  If you decide that to sign up for classes and prefer to purchase minimalist shoes over being strictly barefoot then we recommend the following shoe wear:

  • No Shoes -- BAREFOOT (socks are acceptable if it is chilly)
  • Vibram 5 Fingers
  • New Balance Minumus
  • Converse Chuck Taylors
  • Puma's Speedcats
  • Feelmax
  • Vivo Barefoot

If you're interested in reading more about why we train barefoot, then read "Barefoot in Boston", by Arthur Horne.  It is a quick read and only $4.99 on Amazon Kindle.

Iron Body MetCon 

Iron Body MetCon is a very fast paced kettlebell training session. It moves very quickly, however, it incorporates basic kettlebell and bodyweight movements. Subsequently it is appropriate for all levels.

Iron Body MetCon is Iron Body Studios' signature kettlebell swing conditioning training.

Iron Body MetCon brings the rhythm and intensity of a spin class to the kettlebell swing. 

This calorie crushing swing and sweat workout combines kettlebell swing intervals with bodyweight conditioning drills to give you the most intense metabolic workout you'll ever experience.

If you like kettlebells and you like the intensity of a spin class (particularly Artemis' spin class) then you will LOVE this fat blasting, calorie crushing, metabolic workout.

REQUIRED PRE-REQUISITES: 1 Iron Body Basics and 4-8 Iron Body Conditioning Team Training sessions.