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Kettlebell Training

Even though Kettlebells are gaining popularity within the fitness industry and amongst consumers, they still remain a training tool that the majority of people know very little about and about how to use them correctly to train effectively. At Iron Body Studios it is one of our goals to help educate our clients about how to use this unique training tool by following the Russian Hardstyle kettlebell training method correctly in order to utilize full body muscle activation to maximize fat burning and strength training results.

Poor Form and Dysfunctional Movement Patterns = Poor Results

Excellent Form & Stable Fluid Full Range Movements = Excellent Results

Kettlebell training is a fast paced, fat burning, high intensity power endurance workout that combines both “grinds”, which are strength movements like a Dead-Lift or a Press, and "ballistics", which are explosive power endurance movements like the Kettlebell Swing. Due to the asymmetrical shape of the kettlebell and to the predominance of power movements, kettlebell training combines both resistance and cardio into one challenging, fat burning, workout and maximizes the participant’s caloric expenditure and results.



Hardstyle Principles and Russian Kettlebell Philosophy:
As written by Mark Reifkind, Former Master SFG (StrongFirst) 

A key principle of the Russian Hardstyle kettlebell training system is that the body is a linked, interconnected unit and should be trained as such.  While isolated training definitely has its time and place when doing rehabilitation or trying to bring up a certain muscle for a specific reason most training should be done with the concept of the body as a linked unit.

The Russian Hardstyle kettlebell training system is an excellent method for building a solid foundation of mobility, strength, strength endurance, power and body awareness that is available to most persons, regardless of their athletic ability.  Athletes will love it as it is not limiting to those with great ability and non athletes will as well as it will allow them to increase their athleticism just by doing the most basic of the kettlebell movements.  Age is not a limiting factor as young and old alike utilize and benefit from the training and the movements and intensity are ultimately scalable.

The skills of linkage, rooting, total body connection, generation of total body tension and power, and building of internal focus are transferable to all sports and training methods.  The ease of learning and the safety of the Russian Hardstyle kettlebell training system enhance its role as a foundational system as well as an advanced method of training.