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Kettlebells are an amazing fat burning, functional training tool. Kettlebells are a traditional Russian cast iron weight that look like a cannonball with a handle. Kettlebells were introduced to the United States in 1998 by Pavel Tsatsouline, the founder of the Modern Kettlebell Movement and founder of the first kettlebell instructor course in 2001 RKC™. Pavel is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Instructor of StrongFirst™. StrongFirst™ was started by Pavel Tsatsouline who developed the RKC curriculum and led the RKC organization on the field. StrongFirst™ has preserved the best RKC standards and traditions and it continues to improve on them. Consider that in order to graduate from the StrongFirst bodyweight training instructor course, a student must be able to do a strict one-arm pushup—and that is the ladies’ standard.

Kettlebells are the ultimate free weight, allowing the user to achieve an incredible fat burning capacity, and to gain tremendous, functional and core strength with consistent workouts. By following the Russian Hardstyle kettlebell training method correctly and consistently with Iron Body Studios, kettlebells will change your body and strengthen your back. You will see fat transform into lean muscle and definition like never before.

In sum, Kettlebells will:

  • Deliver extreme all-around fitness
  • Forge a lean physique
  • Hack off fat – without the dishonor of dieting or aerobics
  • Maximize cardiovascular ability
  • Blend strength with flexibility
  • Amp resilience
  • Develop all-purpose strength


Why Kettlebells are good for your back:

  • Kettlebell Training strengthens the glutes
  • Kettlebell Training stretches the hip flexors
  • Kettlebell Training develops back endurance
  • Bracing is superior to hollowing for spinal stability
  • Sensible ballistic loading appears to reduce the odds of arthritis