Daniel K. 


I’ve always been trying to find the perfect place for me that can guide me to achieve the body build that I want. There are many gyms out there that I’ve visited and tried for a very long time but I don’t get the results I want. I actually don’t know if I was the one lacking or their services are just poor. But finding Iron Body Studio was one of the best things that ever happened to me. They really helped me gain more confidence and led me to a better and healthier lifestyle. Not to mention that they were also great at training, the results I received in just a few months were amazing and I can really tell the difference from before unlike when I tried the past gyms. IBS is really great! 


Trisha D. 


My friends suggested this gym to me and said that I should get a personal trainer so I can work my body out. I do slack off actually and honestly, I don’t really take care of my body, no wonder why my friends keep bugging me about doing exercises and stuff. I did try working out alone in my house but that was a fail because I have no real experience in working out. I tried going to Iron Body Studio after my failed self-exercises. Now, I can really see my improvements and going to this gym also helped me want to eat healthier as well. 


Kathleen S. 


Months of working out alone and just following instructions from the internet were not successful as I thought it would be. I realized I just wasted my time doing what I could not do alone when I registered for this gym. The results with my personal trainer were much better than I did when I tried working out alone.