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"Iron Body Fuel" Comprehensive Three Month Nutrition Program

A three month committment is required.

Iron Body Fuel Includes:

  • 28-Day Iron Body Restore
  • A two month nutrition plan tailored specifically to the client updated monthly.
  • Two 45 minute Skype calls.
  • Weekly email support.

The cost of Iron Body Fuel is $197.00 per month for three months. 

Iron Body Fuel does not include the cost of the pinnertest. Client must purchase and complete a pinnertest food intolerance test separately from the cost of the three month Iron Body Fuel package, directly from pinnertest at www.pinnertest.com. We will provide you with a discount code to receive 10% off the cost of the pinnertest.

Here's how it works:

Iron Body Fuel is a three month nutrition program.

Month One includes Iron Body Restore, a 28-day elimination and re-introduction program.

Prior to starting Iron Body Restore, the client must purchase and complete a pinnertest food intolerance test separately from the purchase of this package on the pinnertest website at www.pinnertest.com. Client will receive 10% off the cost of the test with a discount code that we provide to you. (Make sure to email us at IronBodyStudios@gmail.com for the discount code BEFORE you purchase!)

After you receive your pinnertest results we will schedule your first 45 minute Skype call to discuss the results. This Skype call is included in the cost of the three month Iron Body Fuel program of $197.00 per month for three months.

After this call the client will begin the Iron Body Restore program.

Months Two & Three include a two month nutrition plan, specific to the individual, updated monthly. This nutrition plan will be emailed to the client.

The second 45 minute Skype call can be schedule at the discretion and need of the client over the three month program. 

Email support is provided throughout the three months of the program on a once per week basis.

Terms and Conditions

  • Client Requirements: At the request of the nutrition coach, clients must submit a food diary, whether coaching servcies are rendered in-person or online. In addition, client is responsible for the purchase of the pinnertest food intolerance test separate from the cost of the three month Iron Body Fuel package.
  • Iron Body Fuel is a three month Commitment Contract.

  • There is a $99.00 cancellation fee to cancel this contract prior to the completion of the three month term.

  • Iron Body Fuel Packages may not be assigned or transferred.

  • Iron Body Fuel packages are Final Sale, Non-Refundable and are subject to expiration.

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"Iron Body Restore" - Revitalize Your Nutrition in 28-Days!

Iron Body Restore is an ONLINE Nutritional Coaching Program.  It is a 28-Day Food Elimination and Re-Introduction Program.  The program includes both a 14-day Food Elimination period and 14-day Food Re-Introduction period.  Iron Body Studios also offers an optional additional 14-day re-introduction follow-up program after the initial 28-day Iron Body Restore program.  

The Iron Body Restore program is different from other food elimination programs because it includes a guided food re-introduction phase.  Most other food elmination programs currently available only include the food elimination phase and do not include the food re-introduction phase.  The food re-introduction phase can be the most important phase, because if it is not done correctly then it can reverse all the work done during the food elimination phase.

New groups start the program on the first of every month.  Inquire today about the next group that is forming by emailing us at IronBodyStudios@gmail.com.

  • 28-day Iron Body Restore Program -  $197.00 (Includes both 14-day elimination period and 14-day re-introduction period.  (Click HERE to purchase, under "online store", "nutritional coaching".)
  • 14-day Optional, Follow-up Re-introduction package - $57.00 (Not for sale online.)
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Iron Body Restore Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Iron Body Restore?

Iron Body Restore is a program where you eliminate certain foods from your diet for a set period of time to give your body a chance to release toxins and to reset itself.  Iron Body Restore helps you to identify if any of the eliminated foods are causing adverse effects in your body, such as skin disorders, headaches, sleeping issues, gastrointestinal problems and other symptoms of inflammation.  After the elimination period, you will slowly add these foods back into your diet, giving your body the chance to acclimate to them again.  With this approach, you will be able to determine if a particular food causes ill effects in your body.  Therefore, you can decide if it is in your best interest to completely eliminate that food from your diet.

Why do the Iron Body Restore program?

The Iron Body Restore program is a smart and simple way to take charge of your diet.  The only way to see if a particular type of food is having a negative effect on your body is to eliminate it from your diet.  With Iron Body Restore you eliminate foods that you might think are not affecting you in a negative way, but actually are. You will learn to eat healthy, whole foods which promote healthy hormone levels, optimum intestinal activity, and foods that reduce inflammation in the body.

What foods are eliminated during the Iron Body Restore program?

Dairy, Sugar, Artificial Sweeteners, Alcohol, Grains/Gluten, Legumes/Soy, Unhealthy oils, All processed foods.

How long is the elimination period?

The Iron Body Restore Program elimination period is 14-days.

What can I eat during the Iron Body Restore program?

Organic and local farms offer the best choices.  Where possible, local, grass-fed, pastured animal proteins and organic produce should be chosen, as well as wild caught fish and seafoods (versus farm raised).  Animal proteins of all kinds: beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey, game meats, bison, seafood (fish, shellfish, crustaceans), offal (organ meat), Eggs -yolks and whites, Vegetables, Fruits, Healthy fats (avocado, olives, olive oil, nuts/seeds coconut oil/butter/meat).

What if I am a vegetarian or vegan?

The Iron Body Restore program is for all who want to participate in it.  There are separate Iron Body Restore guidelines for vegetarian/vegans.

How can I expect to feel during the elimination period?

The first few days of the elimination period you can expect to possibly feel tired and achy or even cold as your body works to rid itself of toxins in the body.  As your body gets used to eating whole, real foods, you will start to feel rejuvenated; you will find that you will have more energy and sleep soundly.  By the end of the elimination period, you may see tangible changes such as clearer skin, weight loss, and even increased performance in your exercise or sports activities.

What happens after the elimination period?

After the elimination period you might find that you are no longer interested in eating foods that you have eliminated.  If there are foods that you would like to try to add back into your diet, we will lead you through the 14-day Reintroduction period, where foods are introduced back into the diet slowly; you will be asked to keep a close watch on your body, looking for reactions to the food that might be causing adverse effects to your body.  At this point, you can choose to eliminate that type of food from your diet.

What if I have questions about what to do while I participate in the Iron Body Restore program?

An Iron Body Studios' Nutrition Coach will guide you through the 14-day elimination period as well as the 14-day reintroduction period.  In addition, a short guide will be sent to you detailing the better foods that you should be eating. Email support is also provided throughout the process.

What if I find that I need more guidance about food re-introduction after the 28-day Iron Body Restore program? 

For the best success, Iron Body Studios offers an additional 14-day re-introduction follow-up package. 

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