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Online Personal Training


We offer interactive online personal training through Iron Body Studios' Exercise.com Interactive Platform.  

If you are limited by time or distance, whether you are looking for One-on-One Personal Training or Group Training, this online training platform is for you!

Click HERE to watch a Tutorial from inside our Exercise.com Platform.

Online Group Personal Training

Our group premium subscription group is $24.99 per month and it includes access to all instructional videos and three workouts per month.

Each month we roll out up to five exercise videos and three workouts which are a Level I, Level II, and Level III workout that is made up of the exercises that we roll out for a particular month.

Each workout is structured over a six-week progressive program, so essentially each month you receive a twelve-week training plan.

Since the training platform is interactive, there is also a discussion area that you can post questions and videos that we review and will answer.

Sign up HERE.

Online One-on-One Personal Training

Our online One-on-One Personal Training subscription is $199.99 per month.

When you sign up for our One-on-One Personal Training subscription, you will receive a monthly program tailored to your specific goal(s) and weekly program feedback and video exchange within the Exercise.com interactive discussion platform.

Sign up HERE.

Additional Online Training Programs

In addition to our premium group subscription, we also offer the following specific single purchase programs listed below... You do not need to be a member of our premium group in order to purchase these programs.

Iron Body Shred Level I - $37.99

This 6-week workout plan is geared towards weight loss and building endurance and strength.  Purchase HERE.

Attack The Bar Pull-up Program Level I - $74.99

This is a beginner 12-week pull-up program appropriate for people who are not able to do an unassisted bodyweight pull-up yet (with any grip). The program teaches essential hanging, core movements, and band assisted pull-ups to help build strength for an un-assisted pull-up. Completion of the program will have you well on your way to complete at least one unassisted bodyweight pull-up (with any grip).

Purchase HERE. 

Attack The Bar Pull-up Program Level II - $74.99

This is an intermediate 12-week pull-up program appropriate for people who are able to complete 1-3 unassisted overhand grip bodyweight pull-ups and 2-3 unassisted underhand grip or neutral grip bodyweight pull-ups. The program builds unassisted pull-up strength and volume and incorporates essential core movements for building strength and volume for unassisted pull-ups. During the last month of the program, you will have built enough strength to train a combination of both unassisted bodyweight pull-ups and weighted pull-ups.

Purchase HERE.

Attack The Bar Pull-up Program Level III - $74.99 

This is an advanced 12-week pull-up program appropriate for people who are able to complete 5 unassisted overhand grip bodyweight pull-ups, 5 unassisted underhand grip or neutral grip bodyweight pull-ups, and must also be able to regularly complete sets of 4, 3, 3 weighted pull-ups with 10lbs. The program builds both unassisted and weighted pull-up strength and incorporates essential core movements for building strength for unassisted and weighted pull-ups. As a result of increased unassisted and weighted pull-up strength, you will also increase your max set of unassisted bodyweight pull-ups. If you follow the first 6-weeks of the program as prescribed, then during the last 6 weeks of the program, you will experience up to a 10% increase in strength in terms of your max weighted pull-up as early as week 7 of the program.

Purchase HERE.

You can download the Exercise.com app on your iPhone and/or iPad and bring it with you to your training location.  You can set up your account so that it reminds you that you have a workout to do that day!

Here is a sneak peak of what the platform looks like and how the workouts are set-up:

You can register for our group or one-on-one subscriptions HERE.

Please email us at IronBodyStudios@gmail.com if you have any questions and we look forward to training witih you!

All on-line training, on-line training programs and group memberships sales are final.   No refunds.  All SALES FINAL.